Selection Suggestions

As you narrow down your options, keep in mind the following ideas:


When selecting the exterior products for your home keep in mind that texture is color. The more texture the product has the more light change will impact the appearance, especially as the natural lighting changes throughout the day and into the evening. Make sure to look at your selections at many different angles of light or if on an existing structure during different times of the day and evening.


For brick and stone the mortar joint color can be as much as 30% of wall color depending on the joint size. When selecting the exterior products for your project, get samples of the mortar color as well. Also remember that you can add color to the mortar as a way of enhancing the appearance of your final product. But dont let your mortar become the focal point.


Try to find a showroom that carries samples of the different accessory products such as roof tile, soffit and fascia, and stucco samples, etc. Beehive Brick & Stone carries soffit and fascia samples as well as stucco and roof shingle samples to help you make your final decision while you are in our showroom so that you can finalize all your decisions in one stop.


Before committing to any final product selection, make sure you have seen an actual piece of the material and if possible one that has already been installed on another existing project. If the decision is an important one (especially financially) and the product has never been installed before, have the installer make a mockup for you. Our showroom has large 4 feet by 4 feet mockups of most of our stocked products ready to help you finalize your decisions quickly. Never make a final selection from a photo. Photos can only show the product in one light and one angle. In real life you will be looking at it in many different lights and angles. Also, remember that landscaping will have a big impact on the final look. Dont freak out if the products dont look right as they are being installed. The final installation process usually involves a final cleaning. During the manufacturing or quarrying process the product often pick up dust or slurry that will come off during the final cleaning. Mortar also needs to dry and cure before final color can be judged.


Builders often times dont show you the accessories (like brick shapes, trim and surround options) available to compliment your home. Accessories often make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. We have many wonderful options


You will likely change the interior of your house more than once over the life of your home. The exterior is much more expensive to change and for most people will never be changed again. Dont let the numbers totally control this decision. Sometimes a little more investment turns out to be just a few dollars a month and increases the resale value substantially. At Beehive this is what we do, let us help you look your best. It has been said, buy ordinary for low price to be happy today and wonder many times in the future what could have been, or buy extraordinary now for the right price once and look in wonder forever again. Know the look, durability, warranty, cost per square foot cost of the other exterior products. Dont let your builder make the exteriors decision for you. Let us help you get involved.


Remember that a good portion of the cost to the installer of your exterior is the transportation and initial setup of their equipment. Adding extra square footage should not be at the same price as the base footage included on the plans.