What We Believe

Our mission is to provide an extraordinary experience for our customers looking to build projects with quality, beauty, and value that will be looked upon as great both now and in the future. In addition, we possess a strong commitment to excellence, integrity, and safety.

At Beehive Brick & Stone, we offer quality products, with uniqueness and style you wont find anywhere else. Our extensive line of products, expert knowledge, access to manufacturing resources, and ability to find new and unique products sets us vastly apart from our competitors. Our clients trust our experience, and appreciate the time and effort we commit to each customer, in order to make their dream projects come true.

The expert team at Beehive Brick & Stone is passionate about growing the beauty and quality of brick, stone, pavers and other masonry products in America. We have a strong appreciation for the role masonry has played as part of the American landscape for centuries and for the many beautiful, historic homes and buildings around the world made with masonry. Our incredible showroom is not to be missed - a beautiful exhibition of the various products we carry, and examples of products in-use.

Although some people believe there are other suitable products for the exterior of your project, we believe there is no acceptable replacement for the genuine quality, beauty and long term value than the brick, stone, pavers and other masonry products we provide. Going the extra mile and striving for perfection are always our highest priorities. Our team regularly searches the entire country for the latest and greatest products with the objective of discovering the perfect product to fit your taste and style.

Our team at Beehive Brick & Stone consists of people whove been in the construction industry for over 40 years, and who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about our products. We are passionate about what we do, and are confident customers will appreciate our large selection of exclusive products, and the invaluable design expertise we offer.

Who We Are

Dee Young
Senior Vice President

Construction Industry Experience: 41 years
Brick, Stone, and Pavers Experience: 35 years
Current Focus: Residential/commercial sales, sales team development, and partner relationships
Specialized Training: Sales, Design, Architecture, Lien recovery fund board
Started with Beehive Brick & Stone: Co-founded in 1983
Favorite Beehive Project and Why: A custom-built private stone home in Utah County: The home owners were extremely particular about the style elements of their dream home. We worked closely with the usual team (general contractor, mason, architect, etc.); and as the stone supplier, our team was also joined by full-time onsite artisans (a stone carver and artist/sculptor). The teams worked unitedly, and transformed the owners vision of their dream home into a reality.

Julie White
Business Development and
Design and Sales

Construction Industry Experience: 8 years
Brick, Stone, and Pavers Experience: 8 years
Current focus: Residential/commercial construction, exterior and hardscape design, business development, brick/stone/pavers sales
Specialized training: Sales, Design, Business Development
Started with Beehive Brick & Stone: 2005
Favorite Beehive Project and Why: The Holladay fire station: The Mayor wanted this project to be a unique landmark for the city with a very specific feel and look. This project required an incredible amount of effort to research, gather, and present numerous samples which then had to be agreed upon by various individuals. The hard work paid off, and the reward was well worth it. This was a great experience which gave me the opportunity to solve challenges, and help visions become reality truly what I enjoy most about my job.

Bryan Young
Business Development and Sales

Construction Industry Experience: 5 years
Brick, Stone, and Pavers Experience: 5 years
Current focus: Sales and design services, showroom updates, operations, and displays
Specialized Training: Brick, Stone, Paver Sales, Home exterior Design
Started with Beehive Brick & Stone: 2009
Favorite Beehive Project and Why: A Parade of Homes project (including outdoor pizza oven): I had the opportunity to showcase our stone samples to the homeowner and builder. We came up with a stylish custom blend which has become a popular choice for everyone who has seen this beautiful home. To top it off, I had the opportunity to cook pizzas and smores in the pizza oven every night during the home show!

Tyler Rast
General Manager &
Vice President of Operations

Construction Industry Experience: 14 years
Brick, Stone, and Pavers Experience: 14 years
Current Focus: Operations, product development, and sales support
Specialized Training: Business and operations management
Started with Beehive Brick & Stone: July 2001
Favorite Beehive Project and Why: The construction of a local university building needing to match a neighboring building built in the late 1800s: We were able to research and provide a complimentary historic-looking brick to appear as if it were constructed out of hand-made brick from the late 1800s era. The university faculty approved our efforts, and our expertise helped preserve the look and feel of their beautiful, historic campus.

Brad Fairbanks

Construction Industry Experience: 20 years
Brick, Stone, and Pavers Experience: 8 years
Current focus: Team building, customer solutions, and business development
Specialized training: Business management and development
Started with Beehive Brick & Stone: 2007
Favorite Beehive Project and Why: A full-brick home in Draper, UT with rose full range wood mold brick: Since I strongly believe brick-only homes have the highest/longest lasting quality and beauty, it was exciting to help these homeowners find the perfect brick for their home. We visited brick projects up and down the Wasatch front for days, until we came upon the Holladay Fire station. The homeowners loved the brick used on the fire station, so we worked with the builder and placed the order. Their home turned out beautifully, and the clients were thrilled.